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Do you have a message, idea, or proposal to share but you need the tools and a plan to deliver it effectively?


Have you allowed fear to keep you from achieving the goals and dreams God has placed in your heart?


Are you searching for a way to conquer your fears?

I am Christy Demetrakis

It's a pleasure to meet you! I am the President and Founder of The Empowered Speaker, a company devoted to helping you achieve your dreams through professional and spiritual development. Whether we work together to help you become a confident and dynamic speaker or we work to increase your confidence, increase your faith, and conquer your fears, I empower and challenge you to achieve greater results.

Over the years, as a Certified Speaker Instructor, I have coached hundreds of people to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. I leverage my 25+ years in Corporate America and my training to deliver results.  People just like you, from all walks and industries, have trusted me to help them find their authentic voice and style.   

In 2010, I discovered my purpose of spiritually inspiring and empowering others.  This discovery led me to write two books:  "Faith to Conquer Fear: Inspiration to Achieve Your Dreams" and "Faith to Conquer Fear: The Journey." My God given purpose of inspiring others is shared and executed through my Faith to Conquer Fear Series of programs. These programs are designed to support your personal growth and development through a spiritual journey.


I believe God has given me a variety of experiences and training to meet you exactly where you are.  My heart's desire is to help you become the best version of yourself.

Now that you're here, how can I help?

Faith to Conquer Fear™

Let Faith be Your Guide.

Take the Journey with Christy.

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