Christy Demetrakis Keynote Speaker


“The A.R.T. of Conquering Fear”

Speech Category: Inspiration

In this keynote, Christy Demetrakis shares her personal journey of conquering her fears while leading your attendees on their own path of self-discovery.  Leveraging insights from her book Faith to Conquer Fear™:  The Journey, Christy’s practical, no nonsense style of wisdom provides inspiration and attainable action steps for those struggling with faith and fear.

Fear is the enemy of success. Faith is the opposite of fear. Because faith and fear cannot co-exist, this keynote focuses on building attendee’s faith as a way to conquer the fear in their lives.

Whether your dream is to start a business, go back to school, write a book, or start a ministry, it’s not enough to spend time hoping and wishing that it will come true.  A dream will not come to fruition if time is wasted on negative thoughts and fears. It’s up to us to activate our dreams with a combination of faith, natural gifts, talents, and resources.

“Faith to Conquer Fear™: The Journey” can help you in the following ways:

  • Identify the fears holding you back

  • Understand the root cause of your fears

  • Take action to conquer those fears


Don’t let your fear of rejection, failure, or success hinder you from reaching your goals in life.

Your audience will leave inspired to conquer their fears and walk in their God given purpose.      


Ideal Keynote Timing:  1 hour


"I Always Win"

Speech Category: Sales

Winning starts with a mindset.  It starts with the idea that you can win before you ever begin the competition and before you ever put on the uniform.  Once you have established a winning mindset, it is all about strategy.  In this keynote, your attendees will learn how simple phone tools introduced on the iPhone; “End and Accept, Hold and Accept, and Send to Voicemail” are powerful strategies for maximizing sales results.


Ideal Keynote Timing:  1 hour

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