Are you moody?

communication presentation skills Aug 10, 2020

In the May 2017 issue of Essence Magazine, the article “Money & Power: On the Job” offers tips to avoid “stunting your career growth.” Tip #2 addresses mood swings. Interesting…take a read.

 “Employers pick up on your energy and any changes to it. If you’re typically the team cheerleader rallying everyone to meet deadlines, organizing the Friday lunch run or projecting positivity, your boss will likely pick up on any changes in that baseline persona,” says Jane Scudder, a certified coach and owner-founder of Never Settle Coaching Chicago. Your boss might jump to the conclusion that you’re unhappy and looking for a new job.

 That doesn’t mean you have to fake enthusiasm or liveliness. But Scudder suggests tuning in to the energy you project and owning it. “If you’re in a bad mood or going through a slump, it’s totally okay to pull back a bit,” she says. “Just acknowledge the change to keep it from taking over and creating problems.” Do that by casually mentioning, “I usually spearhead this stuff, but I’m just drained right now, so I have to pass.” Your boss and colleagues will appreciate the honesty, and you won’t tarnish the brand you’ve built for yourself, says Scudder.” (Gina Roberts-Grey, May 2017 Essence)

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