Become the Expert!

inspiration Aug 10, 2020

As I was reading my Bible the other day, I ran across a passage in 1 Kings 5-7. These chapters talk about King Solomon’s process of building the temple of God. For historical perspective, the building of God’s temple was a vision God originally gave to King David, Solomon’s father. Due to wars and unrest, King David was unable to bring that vision to life. However, God promised King David that his son would build the temple as long as he was obedient and followed God’s commands.


King Solomon is known for his wisdom. He asked for wisdom and God provided wisdom in all aspects of King Solomon’s life. He used that wisdom to build the Temple of God in 7 years.


13-18 King Solomon raised a workforce of thirty thousand men from all over Israel. He sent them in shifts of ten thousand each month to the Lebanon forest; they would work a month in Lebanon and then be at home two months. Adoniram was in charge of the work crew. Solomon also had seventy thousand unskilled workers and another eighty thousand stonecutters up in the hills—plus thirty-three hundred foremen managing the project and supervising the work crews. Following the king’s orders, they quarried huge blocks of the best stone—dressed stone for the foundation of The Temple. Solomon and Hiram’s construction workers, assisted by the men of Gebal, cut and prepared the timber and stone for building The Temple.


As you’ve read in the passage above, King Solomon employed a lot of workers to build this temple…+180,000 workers focused on key aspects of construction. Among all those men, I’m certain there were varying levels of expertise. Some workers were unskilled. Some were proficient and some were skilled in a specific craft (stonecutters). Even with 180,000 workers, King Solomon was missing an expert. King Hiram knew just the person.


Read his letter to King Solomon below.


2 Chronicles 2:12-14


He wrote on, “Blessed be the God of Israel, who made heaven and earth, and who gave King David a son so wise, so knowledgeable and shrewd, to build a temple for God and a palace for himself. I’ve sent you Huram-Abi—he’s already on his way—he knows the construction business inside and out. His mother is from Dan and his father from Tyre. He knows how to work in gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, and wood, in purple, violet, linen, and crimson textiles; he is also an expert engraver and competent to work out designs with your artists and architects, and those of my master David, your father.”


King Hiram highly endorses Huram for his expertise. He calls him an expert. What an honor!


Many of us are skilled in our craft. However, do we go the extra mile to become experts?


Becoming an expert takes commitment to continuously learn. It takes a willingness to make mistakes as you learn. It takes a mindset that admits you don’t already know everything there is to know. Just because you can “do it in your sleep” does not mean there isn’t new information to be added to your expertise. How can you become an expert?

– Take classes at local universities or schools.

– Subscribe to magazines for your industry.

– Attend workshops, teleseminars or speeches of like competitors.

– Subscribe to competitive blogs

– Read. Read. Read


There’s nothing better than being sought out for your expertise. Work to become an expert.

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