Can you find anything?!

communication Aug 10, 2020

I am always impressed with people who have a “no paper” policy at work. All of their files are accessed on their electronic devices. Over the years, I have become a hybrid between paper and electronic. The advantage of going paperless is it reduces the chances of a messy desk. Even if you can find it on your desk, a messy desk does say something about you. Read the article below from the May 2017 issue of Essence Magazine.


“Even if you’re able to function amid cubicle chaos, an unkempt area can spell disaster for your reputation, says Marjorie Brody, a workplace-career executive coach in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: “If your desk or floor is piled high with stacks of papers, folders and other clutter, this creates the perception that you’re messy or unable to pay attention to detail.” So your boss might not have confidence in your abilities or trust you to deliver when it’s crunch time. Tidy things up to avoid giving the impression that you don’t care about, or focus on, details, suggests Brody.”


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