Career Tip #9: Don’t attach read receipts.

Aug 10, 2020

Have you ever received an email, only to have a return receipt request pop up for you to confirm that you received the email? The answer is always no. If I received the pop up, then I obviously received the email. Now, whether I respond is a different talk show…

 Let’s see what Tip #9 from the “Money & Power: On the Job” article in Essence Magazine has to say on the topic.

 “We get it. You’re sending that one email you want-absolutely need– to make sure your boss or team reads. But attaching a read receipt to the message can go from communicating its importance to sending your boss a missive that you don’t trust him or her. Regardless of the sender’s intended tone, read

receipts can be taken as intrusive, says Ellen Jovin, a principal and cofounder of Syntaxis, Inc., a New York City communication skills consultancy. “Instead of conveying a message was read, they only tell a sender that the recipient clicked on the e-mail,” she says. “It is not your business to micromanage someone else’s e-mail management, and trying to do so says ‘I don’t trust you.’” Replace read receipts with a follow-up. “Put a not on your calendar X hours or days out to remind yourself to check with the email recipient if you don’t receive a response,” says Jovin.” (Gina Roberts-Grey, May 2017)

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