Conquering your Fears: A personal story

inspiration Aug 10, 2021

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams and walk in their God given purpose. In order to do that, many of us have to overcome fears of some kind. My book “Faith to Conquer Fear: Inspiration to Achieve your Dreams" serves as inspiration for readers to get moving on the journey of conquering those fears. I am always excited when people share their personal stories with me. I want to share one with you today.

 Kathleen is the editor for my new book coming out in Spring ’17. As my editor, she has read the book multiple times, mostly looking for flow, grammatical, and typographical errors. However, in the midst of her “work,” my book has spoken to her on a deeper level. She has shared two personal stories of revelation with me within the last two weeks. The first is more personal so I will let her share it in an upcoming video (she didn’t know this until now). Most recently, we were walking into the office building together. She said “Christy, I’m so glad I ran into you this morning. I wanted to tell you about a fear I overcame yesterday!” Immediately, I was excited and could not wait for the details. As background, Kathleen makes homemade goods and sells them as gift sets during holidays or for special events. I was the recipient of one of her special creations. She continued by saying, “Yesterday, I took my homemade goods to a store by my church and talked to the owner about selling them in her store. I was so nervous, but the owner said “yes” and said I can bring in my goods to display and sell whenever I like.” This was huge!

 Since reading my manuscript, Kathleen discovered she had a fear of rejection, so you can imagine the thoughts and nerves going through her mind as she summoned the courage to walk in the door and “just ask” the store owner. To some, those two steps may sound very simple, but to those with a fear of rejection, that was a major hurdle to cross. Kathleen, I’m so proud of you! The door has now been opened for other prospects. The next “ask” will be so much easier.

 I am sure Kathleen’s story is not unique (Yes, she gave me permission to share). I would love to hear your stories of conquering your fears too. Please send me an email at [email protected] or post on my Faith to Conquer Fear Facebook page. Your courage helps others to overcome their fears. Don’t keep it to yourself.

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