Don't Miss the Moment!

Apr 19, 2021

My husband and I took a much needed trip to Punta Cana. It was absolutely beautiful and most importantly, relaxing. We spent days just sitting and laying by the pool, content to do nothing more thought provoking than listening to an audio book or watching a downloaded movie. We walked on the beach just taking in God's amazing creation.

One morning I decided I would go on the beach for my devotional time. I figured what better place to hear from God than outside on the beach.

I found myself watching the waves and the reflection on the water as the sun rose. I thought "I should have brought my camera. I'll bring it tomorrow." But just as quickly as I had the thought, I realized it won't look the same tomorrow. Yes, I could go back the next day, but what I experienced in that moment would not be a repeat performance.

Our expectations that things will be the same or happen the same way as last time is what often disappoints us. We expect people to behave the same way as last time. We expect circumstances to play out the same way as last time. We expect God to show up the same way He did last time.

As soon as I had the realization, I was disappointed because I knew I had missed a moment.

I am reading a new book by Pastor Sheryl Brady titled "Don't Miss the Moment." The essence of this book is we need to always be mindful of moments, even the seemingly insignificant moments as opportunities to hear from God and see God in action. Those moments are not often repeated. Once they are gone, they are gone.

The key to not missing those God moments is to always have our eyes open with expectation of what God is doing in and around us. Just like the breaking of the waves is never the same, so it is with life. Don't miss the moment!