Downtime is Preparation Time

inspiration Aug 10, 2020

We are living in a time that many of us have not personally experienced. COVID-19 precautions are causing most of us to hunker down and remain in our homes. For some, this is a welcome respite from the rat race. For others, it probably feels like all of your liberties have been taken away.

I'm somewhere in the middle. For the most part, I appreciate not having to put on makeup and drive in to work everyday. I love my home, so I don't mind being in it for extended periods of time. However, there is a part of me that likes to "roam," as my mom would say. I like the ability to just hop in the car and go, without caution.

However, I have had plenty of time to think over the last 9 days. I recall about 15 years ago, my pastor from Arkansas preaching a sermon titled "Downtime is Preparation Time." Clearly, it was a memorable message if I still remember it!

Here's my message to you. We are in a period of downtime. You have two choices during this time. You can choose to have a negative attitude and perspective as you think about all the things you can't or shouldn't do during this time. Or, you can choose to leverage this time to focus on things that have not been top of mind or you have not made time to do.

In the last 9 days, I have committed and been consistent in maintaining my exercise regimen, reading my bible and have begun truly praying daily (versus drive by prayers). I'm using downtime to renew my mind with books of substance instead of my typical reads.

What are you doing in this downtime? It would be a shame to just have a countdown in your mind for when this will end so you can go back to everything you did before. How are you preparing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and physically during this downtime? Use this time to do better, to love better, to encourage better, to support better, to BE BETTER!

Let me know what you are doing during your downtime! Comment below!