Find your own Rhythm

Aug 10, 2020

I'm still loving my membership to the YMCA. Some of you may recall seeing my video on Facebook when I first joined. I am in much better shape now than that first day! My favorite part of my membership is the group classes. There's strength training, cardio barre, Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D. and more. Each of these classes is taught by a different instructor who designs the class and creates their own playlist. 95% of the time, the music is great. Then, there is the remaining 5% when the music just becomes a distraction, either because it is too slow for the class tempo or it is a style I don't prefer. However, regardless of the music, one thing is always consistent. People either find the beat of the music or find their own rhythm.

 There are people from all walks of life at the Y. In any class you will find young, middle age, males, females, seniors, and every demographic in between. It is fascinating! Even with all of those differences, in most cases, everyone in the class follows the same count and beat of the music. But inevitably, there is that one person who decides to do their own thing. They move faster than the beat. They modify the exercise. They may move slower than the rest of the class. This actually used to distract me. When you have already established your personal rhythm, it's hard to understand why others don't fall into your same rhythm. I mean, "don't you hear the same beat as I hear? Why are you doing something different?" Now, I have come to discover those people who find their own rhythm in the class still end up in the same place as me. We both finish the class, having expended energy, burned calories and improved our heart health. Does it matter that we did not "do" the class the exact same way? No, it doesn't matter. In exercise and in life, it is important to do what works for you to accomplish the goal. Find your own rhythm!

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