I almost missed my opportunity!

inspiration Aug 10, 2020

In May, our beauty organization at Procter & Gamble hosted its meeting in Dallas, Texas. My family and I used to live in the Dallas area so it is always fun to go back to see what I remember. Every time I go back, I realize just how much has changed since my soon to be 18 year old daughter was born there.


I was excited about living in Dallas because I was a Dallas Cowboys fan. Well, actually, truth be told, I had a HUGE crush on Tony Dorsett from the time I was a small girl. Despite my interest, somehow we never attended an actual game at the stadium. So imagine my excitement when our Vice President announced our evening dinner and entertainment would be held at THE Dallas Cowboys stadium!


To say I was awestruck was an understatement. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see and experience many things, but this was definitely a highlight for me. Throughout the evening, there were food stations all around the edges of the field. There were also different football activity stations set up for us to participate. I wandered towards the stations watching everyone else “do their thing.”

Here’s what I found interesting about myself in that moment. I really wanted to participate. I wanted to try catching a pass but I kept waiting. I encouraged everyone else to try it but I was personally hesitant. Why was I hesitant? I was afraid to fail with everyone watching. What if I could not catch the ball? What if I tripped and fell in front of all my peers?


The night was coming to a close soon and I knew I would regret letting this once in a lifetime opportunity pass. I could not imagine another time when I would be able to catch a pass ON the Dallas Cowboy’s actual field. So…I walked up to the guy throwing passes and said “Do you see these nails?

Don’t break them. Now let’s do this!” Oh my God! I had so much fun! Once I started, I did not want to stop. I must have ran the routes 10 – 15 times. I was sweaty and tired, but I loved it and was so proud of myself for trying. Here’s the other thing I noticed. Once I started participating, others started to participate. When I started, there was no line. When I left, there was a line of people waiting their turn.


I’m telling you about this experience for a few reasons. The first is to share my AWESOME catch in THE Dallas Cowboys Stadium! The second reason is to share the importance of not letting opportunity pass you by. A smart person once said “the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the life time of the opportunity.” The opportunity to catch a pass on that field had a short window. If I was going to take advantage of that opportunity, I had to do it at that time. The third, and most important reason for sharing this story is to remind you that others are always watching your example. The fact that I overcame my very personal and private fear of failure could have been the encouragement and example someone else needed to try as well. Sometimes it’s not about you, but it’s about those watching you.


Seize every opportunity, no matter how scary it looks or feels.


“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” Napoleon Hill


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