It's easier to go forward.

Aug 10, 2020

A few weeks ago, I had a dream. Let me describe it to you as best I can. Just keep in mind, it was a weird dream.

 The dream began in a room. I was sitting on one side of the room and my husband James was sitting at a desk on the opposite side of the room. In the blink of an eye, the view changed. Suddenly, the floor of the room became an ocean and I was at the top of a tower with a long ladder, covered in fuschia colored carpet, leading down to the "ocean." Imagine a water tower in the middle of the ocean. I could not figure out where James went, but I assumed he was on the other side of the ocean. I quickly and easily descended the ladder, ready to cross the ocean. However, even in my dream, I realized I could swim, but I didn't have enough stamina to get across. So, I decided to climb back up the ladder. Because the ladder was covered in carpet, I could not climb up the actual rungs. I had to pull myself up by the edges of the ladder. After much effort, I reached the edge but then realized that in order to go back from the ladder to the tower's ledge, I had to either wedge myself between a set of bars or hoist myself over the bars. Neither of these were good options considering I was a several stories in the air. End of dream...

 As you can imagine, I woke up thinking about this dream. I shared it with James as I was trying to make sense of it. Descending the ladder was easy. Even though crossing the "ocean" seemed like a daunting task, I had the skills necessary to cross. Because I was afraid of crossing the ocean to get to the other side, I turned back and attempted the difficult climb back to my original location. I finally came to this simple revelation from the dream. it was much easier for me to move forward than to go back. That's a good life lesson. Too often, we are afraid to move forward because we are unsure of what is on the other side or we think it is safer to go back to a familiar place. Resist the temptation, Keep moving forward!

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