It's not time.

Aug 10, 2020

Our dog Sophie has a fixed routine. It has been the same routine for all the years of her life. She knows what time she eats her breakfast, goes out, eats her dinner, goes out and gets her night time snack. She is a smart fuzzy baby and even though she knows the time (almost to the minute), it never stops her from wanting her treats early, before the appointed time. Whenever she "asks" early, our response is "It's not time." She understands, walks away and waits a little while longer to "ask" again.

 You might ask why we are so stringent with the schedule. Here's what happens. If we give her the nightly treat at 8pm instead of 9pm, at 9pm, Sophie will ask for another treat. Yep. She is a creature of habit. She knows what is supposed to happen but is often too impatient to wait. When things happen out of order, she becomes frustrated and confused. Have you ever had that experience? You have a vision and your timeline for when you believe it should happen. In your zeal to see it manifest, you move too soon. You ask too early. One of two things is going to happen in that scenario. The first is an ideal scenario. You actually get what you want and everything works out just as you planned. The second scenario happens more often. You plan and plan and plan to no avail. Nothing works as you thought it would. You expend a lot of energy for little to no results. Why does the second scenario happen? It could be poor planning and poor execution OR it could simply be "it's not time."

 Does "it's not time" mean you had a bad idea, product, or service? Does "it's not time" mean it will never happen? No. "it's not time" simply means "not yet." Sometimes the environment is not quite ready for what you have to offer and sometimes we just get ahead of God's timing. As I said before, even when we say "it's not time," Sophie keeps coming back until she gets her treat. That's what we have to do. If it's not time today, keep that idea in your back pocket. Keep working against the vision. One day, it will be time.

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