My iPhone lesson...

Aug 10, 2020

A few weeks ago, I was on a monthly coaching call with one of my "90 Days to Increase Your Confidence & Conquer Your Fears" program participants. During our 1-hour call, my iPhone 6s stopped working 4 times. Though I was irritated and a bit embarrassed, I was not surprised. I saw it coming. I’ve had the phone for many years and it was still visibly in good condition, so I was in no rush to get a new phone. But on this call, the phone was really acting up. I recall my client saying “you need a new phone.” I groaned and said “I know, but I don’t want to buy another phone. Do you know how expensive a new iPhone is?” He went on to say “Christy, your whole business relies on your phone working. How are you going to be a global speaker, author, trainer, whatever... without a working phone?"

 I went on to say, “I’ve actually been looking for refurbished phones on Groupon.” He said “NO!” You can’t buy a refurbished phone. He was totally disgusted with me at this point and I was honestly starting to feel a little silly. I said, “I know I need a new phone.” After our call, I hung up the phone and my husband and I set off to the AT&T store to purchase a new phone.

 My new iPhone 10s is wonderful, as I knew it would be. Now, had I waited another week, I could have purchased the new iPhone 11, but I digress.

 Why am I telling you this story?

 As I reflected on this phone buying experience, I realized sometimes our state of mind does not keep up with our current reality. I was very focused on making that phone last as long as I could, despite all of the signs that it was failing. I wanted to make what worked last season work in my new season. What worked 5 years ago no longer works for my current reality. My current reality has changed, and that change requires upgrades. I allowed what was comfortable and familiar to keep me from recognizing that I’m in a new phase of life. My situation and circumstances have changed.

 My iPhone story is a great way to illustrate what we often miss. We must recognize when the seasons have changed. We must recognize when the familiar no longer works for where we are and where we’re going.

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