Observations from Alaska - Commitment

Aug 10, 2020

My husband and I recently traveled on a 10 day Alaskan land and sea cruise. During our time, I made quite a few observations and learned a few lessons I’ll share with you over the next few weeks. I’ll continue to call them “Observations from Alaska.”

 When we booked our cruise, our travel agent mentioned the clientele on Princess tends to include less families with kids and more adults, especially on an Alaskan cruise. This was okay with us since we are empty nesters now (smile). Less kids tends to indicate more and potentially older couples. As James and I participated in different activities and enjoyed dinners, one thing was obvious. Despite the bad wrap marriage and commitment often gets, I saw and talked to many couples who have stood the test of time…23 years, 32 years, +40 years. These couples have raised children, traveled the world, endured sickness and enjoyed health together. They have made a commitment to be together and do life together.

 So, what’s the observation? Commitment makes life so much better. Life will happen, with all the good and the bad. However, when you are committed to someone and can experience life together, it makes it all worthwhile.

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