Push yourself to overcome challenges

inspiration Aug 10, 2020

I typically take my morning run along US 42. It’s a pretty direct route. When I run to the Kroger and back, it equals approximately 6 miles. I like this run, especially in the morning. It’s quiet as long as I run before everyone heads out to work and school. I don’t listen to music. I consider it my time to talk to and hear from God.


The other morning, I had reached the 4 mile mark on my way towards home. For me, that is visually the hardest part of the trip. It’s a long stretch of road that seems to have no end in sight. This is the point where I always think about walking instead of running.


However, it came to me as I thought about quitting…hills build muscle. The best way to build stamina and endurance is to run both the flats and the hills. It’s a lot like life, I believe. If we always cruise along with no issues or challenges, we don’t know how to respond when the uphill battles happen. We haven’t built any strength or resistance to help us overcome the challenge.


It’s in our best interest to embrace each setback and challenge and think of it as a way of building mental, emotional and physical muscle.

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