Sometimes it's the small things...

inspiration Aug 10, 2020

Recently, my husband has begun taking me to and from the airport when I travel for business. Over the years, I’ve traveled a lot but I can count on one hand the number of times he has escorted me both ways. When he offered, I immediately said “you don’t need to drop me off. Not to mention, it will be late when I get back.” He didn’t mind. Ironically, on the return of that first flight, my co-workers and I were walking to baggage claim. Out of the blue, one of the women commented, “I remember when my husband used to pick me up from the airport, but now with the kids, that doesn’t happen anymore. Another co-worker chimed in and said, “Yes, mine too.” I looked back at them and replied (with a big smile), “My husband is picking me up from the airport.”

In that moment, I recognized this was not a common occurrence. I also realized how special I felt that my husband would want to come out late to pick me up. As I thought about the other women, I also know that James and I are entering a new season of our lives. When he offered, my husband probably did not understand the significance of his actions. He was just being thoughtful. Well, I appreciate his thoughtfulness, his love and devotion to me. He has officially spoiled me. Now I look forward to him being the last person I see before I leave and the first person I see when I get back. Sometimes it’s the small

things that make all the difference.

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