Standing out from the Crowd…

inspiration Aug 10, 2020

recently tried Melody’s Boot Camp in Florence, KY. This was my second visit so I was still learning the lay of the land. This particular morning the class was being held in the outdoor atrium. It was a beautiful morning. I thought, this is a nice change from indoor classes. When I arrived, there were only about six other women in attendance. They had placed their mats and weights around the perimeter. I looked around, trying to assess. I decided to place my mat towards the center of the room. It was the best view of the instructor. As people continued to join the class, I noticed they all placed their mats around the perimeter. Hmmm…What to do? By now, the class has started. Do I want to move now to blend in with everyone else? Why is everyone around the edges? Do they use this space in the middle during class? I haven’t exercised in a while. Do I want to be in full view of everyone else as the new person in the class?


Well…what did I do?


I stayed right there, front and center. I made a conscious decision not to follow the status quo. I chose to stand out from the crowd. Was there a reason everyone chose to position themselves around the edges? I still don’t know and I bet they don’t either. Here’s what I believe. I believe in that one small choice, I was an impetus for future change. In a future class, someone else will be bold enough to position their mat in the middle of the room.


Is it a big change? Nope, but big changes start with a small ripple.