The Perfect Week

Aug 10, 2020

Have you ever had a perfect week? What happened during that week to make it "perfect?" Well, I am at the beginning of my perfect week. Last week, my husband and I vacationed in Charleston, SC for a few days. It was a place on my bucket list and we had a wonderful time eating great southern food, but that was not my perfect week.

 As I woke up Friday morning after returning the night before, I immediately began to think about all I had to do for the upcoming week. I was in full vacation mode earlier in the week, so I truly gave no thought to "coming back to work." Imagine my mental state when I realized I had three events to prepare for the week and most of that preparation needed to happen over the weekend. This week, I am a facilitator for a two day High Impact Training and Development train the trainer course (HITD) at P&G. I am leading the third session of my Faith to Conquer Fear Series with a local church group on Saturday and I am teaching Sunday School. Now, when I said "imagine my mental state," what did you imagine? Stress, worry, anxiety? Yep...a little...but not for long.

 As I laid in my bed Friday morning, I began talking to God and asking Him for help to effectively and efficiently prepare. He did not waste any time in delivering. As I lay there, God gave me a clear outline for my Sunday School lesson on "increasing your faith." All I had to do was write it down. I was concerned about preparing for my HITD course since this will be my first time since becoming certified in December. Fortunately, I took better notes than I remembered and recall most of the information. I even finished my presentation for Saturday's Faith to Conquer Fear Series Sunday night and still had time to clear a few emails before returning to work yesterday!

 What's the point of my story? First, ask and you shall receive. Secondly, when I initially thought about the deliverables for the week ahead, I felt a moment of panic, wondering how I would get it all done. But then I thought about what I "get to do" this week. I get to TRAIN and TEACH! These are my two favorite things to do. This is my purpose and calling...and I get to do it ALL in one week! Woooo!! This is indeed the PERFECT WEEK!

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