The Power of What If

Sep 17, 2021

When I was young, I loved swimming and I loved being in the water. I remember our family vacations, my sister, my cousin and I, would stay in the pool, as long as mom and dad would allow us or until we got too hungry to keep swimming. It was just wonderful. Swimming was the highlight of all of our vacations. I even took swimming lessons and was a really strong swimmer.

Then over the years, things started to change. I didn't swim as much and I actually started not to really enjoy the water as much because I wasn't around it very often. I was no longer a strong swimmer because I had really lost my stamina.

Just recently, my husband and I took an all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana. We were at this fabulous resort with this huge pool. The first day we were there, we just played around in the water and didn't do too much. The next day, as we were walking around this huge pool, I started to walk slower and slower. My husband looked back at me and asked "what are you doing?"

I said, "I'm getting up my nerves."

He asked, "For what?"

I said, "To swim."

Mind you, I had not been swimming in years. He looked around and said, "okay, go."

I said, "Okay, but walk right next to me in case I start to drown" (in four feet of water:)

Now, why do I tell you the story? Because the important part of this story is that I made up my mind. Indeed, it took me a few minutes to get up my nerves, but I made up my mind to do what I knew I had the ability to do.

Once I made up my mind, I was ready. I started swimming! Don't get too excited! I didn't swim the whole length of the pool. I was not doing the Olympic trials! But I did swim! I realized I still had the technique and I would have to work on the stamina.

With every stroke, I was building my confidence (the confidence I needed to go snorkeling later in the week).

Again, why am I telling you this story?

Because that decision and the subsequent action started in my mind. I could have continued to just walk around that pool and wonder if I could still swim. Instead, I made up my mind to try and I did it!

You can too! What is the thing you often think about and wonder if you still have IT?
Do I have the ability to do it? Consider...every action begins with a thought. Try it again, for the first time!