The Spirit of Comparison

Aug 10, 2020

 In our Sunday School class last week, we discussed Stewardship in the areas of your time, talent, treasure, and temple. As the teacher discussed using our gifts and talents for God's purposes, I raised an issue that many of us have in deciding whether we are going to use our gifts and talents. The issue is the spirit of comparison.

 Each of us has been given unique gifts by God. If you are a singer, even in a room full of great singers, your singing voice and appeal is unique to you. Even though someone else may sing well, their type of singing style will not touch or affect everyone the same way. As great a singer as Whitney Houston was, she did not stir everyone's emotions. Words meant to encourage, spoken by one person, may not be encouraging at all to me, but it may be just what the person sitting next to me needs to hear. Until we personally accept that we individually have something unique to offer, we will find ourselves sitting on our gifts watching others use theirs.

 We have gifts from God that must be used. We do not own these gifts. They are gifts, given to us freely. We did not even have to pay for them so who are we to withhold our gifts from others? The world needs what you and I uniquely have to offer. Don't get caught up in comparing your gift to someone else's gift or talent. Just do you, with a humble spirit and that will suffice.

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