You posted THAT?!

career communication Aug 10, 2020

Career tips continue this week with Tip #5 in the “Money & Power: On the Job” article from the May 2017 issue of Essence Magazine. Social Media faux paus…oh my! Think twice before posting.

 “Even if you adjust your account settings to the highest privacy level, your employer might still stumble upon inappropriate pictures or posts online. At worst, that could result in your termination. But Palmer says it could also leave you passed over for promotions or key projects because your personal life doesn’t compliment the corporation’s image. “The best advice is, ‘Don’t post anything you’d be embarrassed to show your family over a holiday dinner,’” says Palmer.

 Palmer advises drowning digital indiscretions: “If you have digital dirt that you don’t want everyone to know about, add positive information to the internet via blog posts, comments on articles or social media sites and so on, so those positive results come up first in a search.” (Gina Roberts-Grey)

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