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The A.R.T. of Conquering Fear 3-Part Video Series

by Christy Demetrakis


What People Are Saying:

Beth Robinson

Hixson Architecture, Engineering and Interiors | Cincinnati, OH

"Christy, you are the epitome of an engaging and caring instructor! It is a delight to observe you interacting with your students and their engagement in working with you is a testament to your skill in the classroom.

The progression from start to finish is always amazing!"

Adrienne Palermo

Procter & Gamble | Cincinnati, OH

"I find the boot camp approach simple yet powerful. Christy’s balance of guidance with personal accountability to do the work is key.

The community of us going through this together is equally powerful to learn from each other. The simple ways to connect online in discussion groups as well as with the weekly calls. I know I am not alone."

Kay Geiger

PNC Bank | Cincinnati, OH

"Probably the most dynamic speaker I've ever heard at the Women's Conference!"

Catrena Bowman-Thomas

Northern KY Chamber of Commerce | Kentucky

"Christy was phenomenal! Everybody I talked to after the event said just how amazing she was as a presenter. I think it was because she tapped into something that was real, that we all experience.

We all deal with fear. She really gave us some good tangible ways in how to deal with that fear, how to confront it and how to move past it."

Miriam Maiden

Portland Trailblazers | Portland, OR

"Working with Christy has been a gamechanger for my career. I originally started with it being a professional development goal for myself. The feedback ended up coming in handy and right on time. I was able to use what I learned immediately.

Christy helped me work through real time situations as part of our sessions. With what I learned and her feedback, I was accepted into a leadership program and landed the position of a lifetime. Thank you, The Empowered Speaker! I will definitely use your services again."