Individual Coaching

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  • Does the idea of speaking in front of an audience make your heartbeat quicken and your palms sweat?

  • Are you looking to advance your career?

  • Do you have a message that you need to share with the world?

If the answer is yes, I can help you become a confident and dynamic presenter leveraging the SpeakersTrainingCamp®!

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is an expert, hands-on training that will prepare you to become a more confident and dynamic public speaker. The SpeakersTrainingCamp® will train you to:
  • Captivate and engage your audience
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Cut your presentation preparation time in half
  • Create a more dynamic presenting style
  • Master Powerpoint® presentations
  • Organize your thoughts using the SpeakersTrainingCamp® Presentation Planner
  • Apply 13 techniques for handling nervousness
  • Master the Nonverbals

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is a phenomenal public speaking and presentation skills training program that will equip you to effectively share your message with the world.

Whether you are an author, a Minister, a salesperson, a PTA Mom, or an entrepreneur, effective presentation skills are vital to your success and vital to ensuring you show up as an expert in your field.

How can I ensure you appear credible? In the SpeakersTrainingCamp® program, I teach the three elements needed to become a great presenter: Steak, Sizzle, and Style.

  • Steak: Organization

  • Sizzle: Engaging your Audience

  • Style: Focus on the Nonverbals

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® Virtual Public Speaking Coaching Plans

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

In my personal 1:1 Virtual Coaching program, you will receive valuable coaching on Steak, Sizzle, and Style to ensure you have a strong foundation. As a bonus, your live weekly call will include just you and me and will be focused solely on you and your speaking goals!

In a virtual 1:1 format, over 4 sessions, you will receive content, instruction, live coaching, and individualized feedback. Each week you will receive:

  • Instructional Videos of Course Content

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • 1 hour Live virtual 1:1 Coaching Call per session to review your uploaded videos and receive live coaching and feedback + Q&A.

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Who will train me?

Christy Demetrakis Speaker, Trainer, Author

I will train you! I am Christy Demetrakis, a certified instructor for the SpeakersTrainingCamp®. Over the last 10 years, I have trained hundreds of people to become more confident and dynamic speakers. I offer public workshops and customized on-site programs for companies and organizations to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. I have worked in Corporate America for 25+ years and am the North America Master Facilitator for Procter & Gamble's Effective Presentation Skills course and am a Certified Instructor for High Impact Training & Delivery.

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The Empowered Speaker "Crash Course" Coaching states “When employees are considered to be good presenters, they become the “Go-to” person when it is time to make a presentation. This type of recognition elevates an employee’s standing in the organization.

Effective public speaking leads to the adoption of important ideas necessary for progress. This type of power is valued by the management of any company and can easily catapult an employee’s career.

Once considered a soft skill, excellent communication skills are now viewed as a requirement for success.”

The impression you make when delivering a presentation is a lasting one.  That is why it is so important to be prepared at every opportunity with an informative, interesting presentation delivered in an engaging way.

  • Do you have an important meeting and need an expert to provide feedback on your slides or delivery before the big day?

  • Do you need ways to make your presentation more interesting and engaging?

  • Are you a trainer looking for facilitation tips?

  • Do you have nonverbals you need to address, such as filler words, pacing, gestures?

We often know we need a little help but are unsure of who to ask.  Quickly identifying opportunity areas and offering actionable feedback is my specialty! 

As a Certified Instructor for the SpeakersTrainingCamp and +25 years in Sales in Corporate America, I know the importance of effective presentation skills to delivering strong results.

If you need a little help to ensure you deliver a great presentation and show up well, schedule time with me.

This is an efficient way to get some quick tips and valuable feedback for your development as a successful speaker and presenter.

How it Works:

1 - Make your payment

2 - Schedule a 30 minute or 1-hour time slot with Christy (based on your needs)

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3 - Join via Zoom at the selected time for your personalized 1:1 coaching session.